Independent Fiduciary Services for 401(k) Plans

Maximize Your Company's 401(k) Plans

We bring value to 99.9% of company 401(k) plans and we guarantee we'll add significant value to yours.

NYX Moros specializes in upgrading company 401(k) plans by finding and removing conflicts of interest that devalue your company's plan.

We save companies millions and ensure plan performances always meet benchmarks by examining the investment menu to offer alternative mutual funds with lower fees and higher returns. NYX Moros guarantees we will keep your company up to fiduciary standards and take the stress off of managing your company's retirement plan.

401k Advisor and Fiduciary, 401k Investment Consultant
401k Advisor and Fiduciary, 401k Investment Consultant

A Trusted Independent 401(k) Fiduciary

Advising With A Purpose

As an independent 401(k) fiduciary, we have no hidden agenda and promise to operate only in your company's best interest.


Sammy Khalil is an independent 401(k) fiduciary and trusted financial advisor with a mission to provide expertise and a transparent process to optimize your company's plan to meet benchmarks. Sammy operates with integrity and takes his legal responsibility seriously to provide for his clients' best interests. That's why NYX Moros never accepts a commission or has hidden fees. Instead, we offer a fee-only structure to support our promise to always value your company's best interest and bring growth to your 401(k) plan.

The rate of employees voluntarily leaving their corporate careers is at an all-time high. One study revealed the number one reason employees are resigning is employee benefits. Today's professionals are confident in their employee value and look for companies that match that value with incentives and great company benefits including and especially retirement plans. Nine out of ten companies in the US are inefficient in areas including investment performance, diversification, turnover, and cost.

We can help you improve retention rates by designing retirement plans that rank high against industry peers and not only encourage your current employees to stick around for the long haul but attracts top applicants for new hires. We ensure this with analysis performed through appropriate benchmarking.

Objective Advice That Improves Your Retirement Plan

Independent Fiduciary Services for 401(k) Plans

Unlike other advisors, we don't wear 10 different hats in our services. Company 401k plans are the only thing that we do and it is our specialty.

Independent 401(k) Advisor and Fiduciary

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